Intense workout with 50% more training, including longer intervals, circuits, boxing conditioning, defense and light sparring. Not suitable for beginners; dial in your training via Boxing Workout and set your goals for Super Boxing!  

COST: Super Boxing - $18 (OR included with monthly dues plan)

ROUND 3: BOXING WORKOUT  THIS IS YOUR GOAL!  SKILL SET - INTERMEDIATE  11 classes/week, SUN-FRI (60min)  see calendar

FORMAT: High-energy session: Skills, Technique, Footwork, Movement, Defense, Boxing Conditioning - every class and trainer is unique

  • Partner-based training drills - gloves & mitts, heavy bags, medicine balls, etc 
  • Learn challenging punch and movement combos, how to use speed, power and agility, and increase endurance and whole-body strength! 
  • Please arrive at least 10-15 min prior to class start; some classes fill to capacity and late arrivals may not be admitted
  • ​Unsure? Sign up for Basics and/or Skills or send an email prior to filling out the new membership form if you need advice

COST: Boxing Workout - $18 - (OR included with monthly dues plan)  Please register as a new member if this will be your first class

CONDITIONING All Levels Tues & Thur @ 5:30pm (30min) Fast and efficient, Conditioning features cardio & strength intervals designed to develop endurance, core power and lean muscle - a great addition to your boxing training. COST: $15/class, $60 per month (OR included with monthly dues plan) Non-boxers welcome!

VIEW: the calendar for class days, times & trainers (calendar at bottom on mobile)

PICK: the class that best fits your skill set and follow the instructions to REGISTER

PAY: prices start at $15 (class), $85 (month) PAY HERE

ROUND 1: ​​​​​​​​​​​​BOXING BASICS   NEW BOXERS START HERE!  ​ SKILL SET - NOVICE  WED 5:15PM (30 min - max 6) & SAT 12:00PM (45 min - max 8)

REQUIRED: for all new members with no experience or brief / not recent previous training / repeat as needed

FORMATlearn basics punches, movement and mitt work to prepare for Round 2: Boxing Skills - you are automatically registered for Boxing Basics + Skills unless you decide not to stay for the extended session; no need to register for both classes separately on the same day

REGISTRATION Required - use New Member Registration form   Classes fill fast! Cut off times are 3pm Wed and 10am Sat, but may be FULL before that

ARRIVAL: 10-15 min BEFORE class starts  >>  Wed 5:00, Sat 11:45  ​​​due to the fast nature of the session, late arrivals will not be admitted; no shows discouraged; no walk-ins please

COST Basics only - $12 / Basics + Boxing Skills (same day) - $15   HAND WRAPS: Available for purchase ($8/$11) or 1x borrow (no charge)

​​​FOR BEST RESULTS: Take Basics and Skills on the same day - If you can't stay, and wish to continue with Boxing, repeat Basics + Skills ASAP to keep skills fresh

STRENGTH & STRETCH All LevelsMon @ 5:30pm (60min) 

The name says it all!  Strength - develop lean strength in all muscle groups using body weight, weights, elevation, movement, etc.  Stretch - targeted stretches mixed throughout. COST: $15/class, $60 per month (OR included with monthly dues plan) Non-boxers welcome! CLASS MAX = 10, ARRIVE EARLY!

Private Lessons - limited availability - please visit the details page for more information. at any level, you will benefit in our class structure if we are unable to accommodate your private lesson request. Thanks!

ROUND 2: BOXING SKILLS  FOLLOW UP  to  BOXING BASICS  SKILL SET - BEGINNER +  WED 5:45PM  & SAT 12:45PM (60min) Max 16 boxers/class

FORMAT: Immediately follows Boxing Basics - learn short/easy combos and other boxing skills (heavy bags, jump rope, medicine ball, footwork) to gain confidence and endurance NEXT STEP: Take several Skills classes within your first weeks of training. Every Boxer progresses at their own rate.  See instructor for training advice.  Boxing Skills prepares all boxers for Round 3: Boxing Workout

WHO CAN ATTEND: Anyone who has taken Basics; Re-fresh if you have been away for a while; boxers with recent experience in another gym's program 

REGISTRATION Required - Use Boxing Skills Registration form  Please register as a new member if this will be your first class. 

Classes fill fast! Cut off times are 3pm Wed and 10am Sat, but may be FULL before that. More review is better - sign up for Basics as your first class if you are unsure. If you have previous, recent training, be specific when signing up, as that will help me place you in the correct session for your skills. 

ARRIVAL: 10-15 min BEFORE class starts  >>  Wed 5:30, Sat 12:30  ​​COST: Boxing Skills - $15 (OR included with monthly dues plan)

Training Path Guidelines

  • Novice - no experience/very light experience elsewhere = Boxing Basics  (take one or more Basics class and move into Skills)
  • Beginner (+) - have taken Boxing Basics/have some recent training at another boxing gym, still learning fundamentals = Boxing Basics or Boxing Skills 
  • Intermediate - graduating from Basics + Skills; getting better at combos and gaining endurance, confident skills at another gym = Boxing Workout 
  • Advanced - overall proficient skills in any setting, helpful with other students = All Classes including Open Gym and Defense and Sparring


  • Defense and Sparring: Session format depends on boxer participation - work on defense skills, practice sparring with trainer and other boxers. All boxers must have a mouth guard, headgear (ours or yours) and sign a sparring waiver.  ​Not suitable for beginners - no walk-ins without pre-registration
  • Open Gym - just do your own training using ALL the gym equipment​ or practice with other boxers (you do not need to spar to attend open gym)
  • COST: Open Training, Defense & Sparring - $18 (OR included with monthly dues plan)

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