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Boxing Gym and Classes in Portland, OR


Tuesday 5:30-6pm (30 min)

Format: Fast and Efficient - cardio and strength intervals designed to complement your boxing training by building endurance, core power and lean muscle. 

This class is a general fitness, non-boxing session for all levels


Monday 5:30-6:30pm (60 min)

Format: Just what the name implies - develop lean muscle strength and flexibility using body weight, weights, resistance gear and elevation and dynamic, isometric and plyometric options and modifications.

This class is a general fitness, non-boxing session for all levels


Thursday 5:30-6:15pm (30-45min)

Format: Move to the next level by practicing basic defense techniques such as blocking, slipping, ducking and counter-punching. You will learn safe glove-to-glove and glove-to-body techniques with trainer and other boxers - mouth guard required; light sparring with student interest

* Open gym available at same time unless class is large

INTERMEDIATE- Level 3 (some recent consistent experience)

All the classes below are your goal moving through the program, whether you are starting out in the Novice/Beginner classes or have prior experience at another boxing gym.  No registration needed with current dues/membership; arrive 15 min early to be ready to participate

* new to the gym? complete new boxer profile and pay online prior to class start

BOXING WORKOUT  - our most popular class

11 classes per week (60 min) 

Su 11am * Mo/We/Fr 6:30am * Tu/Th 6:30pm * Mo/We 7pm * Tu/Th/Fr 12:30pm

Format: Every session is different based on trainer and mix of students in class. You will be guaranteed a fun, high-energy workout focussing on real boxing skills and techniques in a partner based mitt and glove environment and you'll increase your knowledge, endurance and whole-body strength with consistent participation.

first time at sweet science boxing at any level? new boxer profile     ready to pay? price list: pay here  


Saturday 10-11:30am (90 min)

Format: Intense workout including longer intervals, circuits, conditioning, defense and light sparring. Not suitable for beginners - dial in your training first via Boxing Workout and make Super Boxing a goal!


Friday 5-7pm

* Optional Sparring Program: Practice Defense as it applies to sparring with trainer and other boxers in the ring - headgear, mouthguard and sparring waiver required! Not suitable for beginners. Please be confident in your skills to attend these sessions

* Open Gym is open to anyone self-motivated to create their own workout during this time frame & no sparring required!

* Sweet Science Boxing does not offer amateur or pro training for competition - we do have friendly exhibition events once or twice a year for current members​

Private Lessons - limited availability - please visit the details page for more information. at any level, you will benefit in our class structure if we are unable to accommodate your private lesson request. Thanks!

NOVICE/BEGINNER - Level 1  (little to no prior experience) START HERE!


BOXING BASICS + BOXING SKILLS   (2 classes, back to back, same day only $17) 

Basics class (30min) immediately followed by Skills class (60min) - tailored for all fitness levels 

Class times: Wed: Basics @ 5:15pm + Skills @ 5:45pm / Sat: Basics @ 12:00 + Skills @ 12:45pm

Format: learn basic punches, movement and mitt work in Basics and apply them to short punch combos and other drills in Skills 

ROOKIE - Level 2  (have taken 1st BASICS session or have RECENT light experience)


Wednesday 5:45pm & Saturday 12:45pm (60 min) $17 per session (included with monthly dues)

Format: learn short/easy punch combos and other boxing skills (heavy bags, jump rope, footwork, etc) to gain confidence and endurance. Move into Boxing Workout after taking several skills classes.

* Choose class from menu below; select multiple days with one registration​​

* You are automatically registered for Skills if you've picked a class from the Novice menu

* If you are new to the gym, the New Member Profile must be submitted first

*If you have your own boxing gear, bring it along, otherwise we have gear you can borrow. Hand wraps, gloves and mitts available in our pro-shop.

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