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Boxing Gym and Classes in Portland, OR

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INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED/ALL LEVELS  All other classes are available to you as a member of the gym and are drop-in with current dues (class or month).  Arrive at least 15 min early to be ready to participate. See google calendar for full class and trainer schedule.  Below the class descriptions you will find booking request for all other classes. Put in the day, date and time of that class (see example in text box). Use the form to register if you have "graduated" from Beginner Boxing and/or taking a first Boxing Workout class or want to try any other class. *** This is form is for returning students only. DO NOT USE FOR BEGINNER BOXING!   (Reminder to complete new boxer profile if you are new.)

BOXING WORKOUT (BW) Su 11am * Mo/We/Fr 6:30am * Tu/Th 6:30pm * Mo/We 7pm * Tu/Th/Fr 12:30pm (60min)

Format: Every session is different based on trainer and mix of students in class. You will be guaranteed a fun, high-energy workout focusing on real boxing skills and techniques in a partner-based mitt and glove session and increase your knowledge, endurance and whole-body strength with consistent participation.

SUPER BOXING (SUPER) Saturday 10-11:30am (90 min)
Format: Intense workout including longer intervals, circuits, conditioning, defense and light sparring. Dial in your training first via Boxing Workout and make Super Boxing a goal!

SPARRING PRACTICE (SPAR) with OPEN GYM (OG)  Friday 5-7pm      OPEN GYM (OG)  Tue 4:30-6:30pm / Thur 5:00-6:30pm
Format: Practice Defense as it applies to sparring with trainer and other boxers in the ring - headgear, mouthguard and sparring waiver required! Please be confident in your skills to attend these sessions. Sparring is optional and never a requirement for any member.  * Open Gym is available to anyone self-motivated to create their own workout during this time frame (no sparring required!) please note: Sweet Science Boxing does not offer amateur or pro training for competition

DEFENSE PRACTICE (DEF) Thursday 5:30-6:15pm (30-45min) *open gym overlaps with this session
Format: Practice basic defense techniques such as blocking, slipping, ducking and counter-punching. Practice safe glove-to-glove and glove-to-body drills with trainer and other boxers. Mouth guard required; light sparring may occur.  Not suitable for beginners.

CONDITIONING (CON) Tuesday 5:30-6pm (30 min) *open gym overlaps with this session
Format: Fast and Efficient - cardio and strength intervals designed to complement your boxing training by building endurance, core power and lean muscle (general fitness, non-boxing, all levels)

Format: Just what the name implies - develop lean muscle strength and flexibility using body weight, weights, resistance gear and elevation and dynamic, isometric and plyometric options and modifications (general fitness, non-boxing, all levels)

BEGINNER BOXING   Wed 5:30-6:30pm / Fri 11:30-12:15pm / Sat 12:00-1:00pm    Book-in-Advance REQUIRED for Beginner Boxing.  Winter is busy season and class size is limited, so book early!

new to the sport?  returning and still learning?​ light training elsewhere? this class is for you!

  • Format: In the first part of the class (20min), you'll learn fundamental boxing skills: stance, guard, punches, movement, footwork, glove & mitt work. For the second part (40 min), focus is on practicing a variety of partner-based glove & mitt combos, safe heavy bag techniques and skills and drills leading to endurance, strength and muscle memory.  Take this class several times as your path into Boxing Workout. 
  • Price: $15 per class or $75 for the first month (beginner special; hand wraps for purchase - you may borrow wraps for your first class)
  • First time boxers: Complete new boxer profile first then select ONE class to get started (at least 2 hrs in advance) (CONFIRMATION EMAIL is a manual process - please do not register for the same class multiple times!)
  • Returning boxers:  New! Choose multiple sessions with one submission (deadline 1 hour before)  -OR-  Ready for Boxing Workout? Previous Boxing experience?  See Intermediate section for info & (optional) registration for other classes

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