Phase one will be available for current members only (current means students previously registered prior to march 2020)

Potential members: TBD - Please complete the survey.  You may register when the "new boxers: start here" page goes live again

Sessions will require advance booking and payment online > Book and Pay Here

Please note the following new guidelines for gym attendance


  • Be healthy! Please come back later if you feel sick or you think you have been recently exposed
  • Arrive at least 15 minutes early to be ready to participate. Bottom door will be locked 5 minutes before session start time
  • Wear a face covering before entering at the street door and observe "Wait Here" distancing signage when coming up stairs. 
    • ​​​from the OHA bulletin dated 6.19: Masks, face shields or face coverings are not required when at a business and engaged in an activity that makes wearing a mask, face shield or face covering not feasible, such as strenuous physical exercise...
  • Remove street shoes before passing through office and change into workout shoes in gym - the outer foyer is a single person waiting area, so be quick so that you can check in and get ready for the session
    • Bring bags and other valuables with you inside the gym
  • Check in at front desk - mandatory due to potential contact tracing
  • Sanitize / Wash hands
  • Observe 6ft perimeter from others and as marked around gym spaces
  • Use cubbies, shelves or lockers for gym bags and other personal items - day use only
    • Keep floors and pathways within the gym clear of bags and personal items
  • One person in each restroom and one person in each change room at a time; the shower is no longer available
    • Prefer that students arrive at the gym in workout clothes for phase one


  • Take workout gear, towel(s) and water to your first station
    • EARLY ARRIVALS: Stretch or Warm-Up on your own. Do not start on any station until trainer starts the timer
    • Reminder, you need your own gloves and wraps to participate, as loaner gear is no longer available
  • Consult workout board at each station in advance to maximize your training. Ask a trainer if you do not understand the workout plan or need help with equipment
  • Use a large towel or yoga mat to cover the floor or yellow mat. 
  • At the end of each circuit (not interval), spray and wipe all gym gear used and the mat/floor around it and return gym gear to it’s correct storage space
  • Go to the next circuit as indicated by trainer
  • Pace yourself & hydrate. Alert trainer(s) if you are not feeling well and stop exercising; please clean up your section before exiting gym


  • Due to supply issues, disinfect your personal gear at home (or bring your own disinfectant)
  • Double check that you have all your personal items before leaving. Status of left behind items to be determined for phase one
  • If there is a class after, exit the gym quickly so that others can get ready
  • Assist in clean up after class as needed
  • Ask a trainer for help in the pro-shop and do not go behind desk. Pro-shop purchases available after class
  • Provide feedback and suggestions for future classes
  • Register in advance for your next session
  • See LG if you wish to schedule a private lesson

Helpful Travel Tips

  • Sweet Science Boxing is located in North Portland, and while convenient to many parts of Portland, may be hard to get to from outlying areas
  • ​On street parking only - some days there are events that make parking a challenge
  • Observe time limit signs and be courteous of neighbors and other businesses
  • Best option is near Kenton Park
  • Allow yourself extra time during peak hours - afternoon, nights, weekends
  • NO PARKING in the Kenton Club, Post Office, Wells Fargo or Hive lots
  • Sweet Science Boxing is on the 2nd floor on Kilpatrick Street of the grey corner building (see photo)
  • Come up the 23 stairs, turn right and you'll be at Sweet Science Boxing​
  • Public Transit options
    • bus #4 stop -  Denver & Kilpatrick 
    • bus #75 stop - Denver & Lombard
    • Max Yellow line Kenton stop - Interstate & Denver

try it once. you'll be hooked!

Any other questions? Click> Home and complete the contact form or send a text or an email.  For phone calls, please leave a message to receive further assistance.

TEXT is the best and quickest way to reach us!  Include your name and a specific question so I can respond to you efficiently. 

Sweet Science Boxing now open for limited classes for current members. New Members TBD. PLEAST TAKE OUR SURVEY and visit the DETAILS page for more guidelines.  Welcome Back, boxers!

​from the OHA bulletin dated 6.19: Masks, face shields or face coverings are not required when at a business and engaged in an activity that makes wearing a mask, face shield or face covering not feasible, such as strenuous physical exercise....

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