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Boxing Workouts in Portland

Any other questions? Click> Home and complete the contact form or send a text or an email.  For phone calls, please leave a message to receive further assistance. Missed calls with no voice mail will receive an auto-text response.  Due to weird schedules and teaching times, TEXT is the best and quickest way to reach us! INCLUDE YOUR NAME I CAN GIVE YOU THE BEST RESPONSE TO YOUR REQUEST. 

Current Members - Use this form if any important info has changed since you first signed up.

Helpful Tips

  • Sweet Science Boxing is located in North Portland, and while convenient to many parts of Portland, may be hard to get to from outlying areas - consider this before registering
  • ​On street parking only - some days there are events that make parking a challenge
  • Observe time limit signs
  • Best option is near Kenton Park
  • Be courteous of neighbors and other businesses
  • Allow yourself extra time during peak hours - afternoon, nights, weekends
  • Do not use the Kenton Club, Post Office or Hive Parking lots
  • Sweet Science Boxing is on the 2nd floor via Kilpatrick Street of the grey corner building
  • From the corner of Denver & Kilpatrick, look above the Triple Crown Market (sign on corner of building)
  • Entrance is on the west side of Kilpatrick St - look for red awning (Choi's), sidewalk sign & glass door - see photo left
  • Come up the 23 stairs, turn right and you'll be at Sweet Science Boxing
  • Bike parking is plentiful
  • Trimet options
    • bus #4 stop -  Denver & Kilpatrick 
    • bus #75 stop - Denver & Lombard
    • Max Yellow line Kenton stop - Interstate & Denver

Driving Here

  • From the North:  I-5 South to the Interstate exit. Right on Denver (Paul Bunyon statue). 3rd street on the Right is Kilpatrick
  • From the South: I-5 North to Lombard West exit. Right on Denver. Left at first stop sign to Kilpatrick
  • From the East:  via Columbia Blvd: Left on Argyle. Right on Interstate. Right on Denver (Paul Bunyon statue). 3rd street on the Right is Kilpatrick OR via Lombard St: Right on Denver. Left at first stop sign to Kilpatrick
  • ​​From the West: via Columbia Blvd: Right on Argyle. Right on Interstate. Right on Denver (Paul Bunyon statue). 3rd street on the Right is Kilpatrick ​OR via Lombard St. Left on Denver. Left at first stop sign to Kilpatrick   

All information is confidential and is not shared with any third party, ever. 

Welcome! Thanks for choosing Sweet Science Boxing. Please take a moment to review these guidelines about the gym and the boxing program. 

  • As a community of Boxers, we want you to feel comfortable as a first time boxer - everyone has to start somewhere. We take pride in teaching real boxing techniques to all levels with a focus on fitness. Learn a new skill and have Fun!  
  • Be smart about the location of the gym relative to your home/work in relation to your fitness needs  - our gym is a long commute from some locations and you won't realistically attend regularly
    • Consistent training of at least 2 days per week leads to improvement in this sport
  • Boxing is a very specific skill set, so Boxing Basics is required for all first-time boxers - class descriptions, registration and calendar: classes&calendar 
  • ​Boxing takes a bit of commitment to see ready and willing to spend time learning the skill 
  • Experienced Boxers can skip Boxing Basics; but please follow our easy registration process and I will get back to you with recommendations for your first class. Sorry, no walk-ins.  Everyone must register in advance.
  • Boxing Basics and Boxing Skills require advance registration for each class - Boxing Workout is drop in with paid dues for current members
  • Boxing Workout: Class capacity is 25 students / Conditioning, Strength & Stretch: Limited to 10 / Go to Classes&Calendar for more info 
  • Instructors subject to change without notice - Calendar updated in real time
  • All classes start on time! Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to secure a spot in class and be ready to participate; late arrivals discouraged and may not be admitted if class is full; late arrivals make us sad.....
  • We have Gloves and Mitts for use during class. Hand Wraps (essential gear) and a small selection of Gloves are available for purchase in the pro-shop. If you already have boxing gear, bring it along  
  • Classes are for Adults (18+). We do not offer a youth boxing program. There are several gyms in the greater Portland vicinity with kid's  programs (email for suggestions if you have a youth or teen interested in the sport)
  • We have membership options to suit many levels of participation. See the price list: pay here page for details and online payments
  • Wear appropriate workout clothes and sneakers, bring a water bottle, towel, etc. 
  • The facility has separate guys and girls locker rooms and one shower in the girls locker room (unisex use)
  • Optional sparring program available (just ask). We host semi-annual exhibition matches for our internal team, with spectators welcome
  • We DO NOT coach for amateur competition and are not affiliated with any sanctioned boxing organizations. No MMA, Kickboxing or other martial arts are practiced here
  • Private Lessons (one/one or groups) and Workshops for any level of training. Limited availability by appointment only
    • Due to our class times and trainer personal schedules, private lessons can be scheduled on weekdays before 4pm and weekend mornings and late afternoons (some times may already be taken) 
    • please send email before completing registration for options
    • your best option is to take a class first, then consult with the trainer(s) regarding scheduling a private lesson