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Sweet Science Boxing now open for limited classes for current members. New Members TBD. PLEAST TAKE OUR SURVEY and visit the DETAILS page for more guidelines.  Welcome Back, boxers!

​from the OHA bulletin dated 6.19: Masks, face shields or face coverings are not required when at a business and engaged in an activity that makes wearing a mask, face shield or face covering not feasible, such as strenuous physical exercise....

Boxing Gym and Classes in Portland, OR

This is not a booking calendar: go to classes & reg form to book a group Boxing/Movement/Conditioning Circuit class

For current members right now; new boxers please be patient as we ramp up our class structure. 

Effective 6.29.2020: Private gym times will be available in 30 min slots 3 times per day Mon, Tue, Wed and Thur and one time on Saturday.  "Private gym time" means you get the gym to yourself to do your own workout and this option will available by appointment only for current members.  Time slot will be marked "booked for (clients initials)" when full.  60min time slots available upon request if feasible ($50).

Note: this is not a private lesson with a trainer (i.e partner work) but a trainer will be on hand to help you through the session.  One-on one lessons will be added at a future date.  Please send email for more info.