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Boxing Gym and Classes in Portland, OR

Sweet Science Boxing now open for limited classes for current members. New Members TBD. PLEAST TAKE OUR SURVEY and visit the DETAILS page for more guidelines.  Welcome Back, boxers!

​from the OHA bulletin dated 6.19: Masks, face shields or face coverings are not required when at a business and engaged in an activity that makes wearing a mask, face shield or face covering not feasible, such as strenuous physical exercise....


Sweet Science Boxing is devoted to a safe workout environment.  Primary to the gym's safety is your own and others.  Do not attend if you are sick, have been exposed/vulnerable or have any vulnerable populations you deal with.

Please follow all public hygiene guidelines communicated via the CDC. Sweet Science will follow state closings as they are communicated as mandatory.  This page will be updated as events and situations dictate and in-facility information and guidelines will be updated as we progress through these new challenges to our business. Please be patient, as there are many moving parts for us to revise in a very short time frame.  Check this page and google calendar daily to stay informed.


  • Please remove street shoes before entering the gym and bring workout shoes to change into
  • Hand sanitizer is available at gym entrance for all to use
  • Gym surfaces such as door knobs, light switches and fixtures, will be cleaned after each class
  • Gym common doors will be propped open. Restroom doors should be wiped down upon entering and exiting by the individual client
  • Do a gear self-check list before you leave and make sure your personal items go with you - gear, clothing, water bottles, towels, etc. Items left behind will be thrown away at end of business day.
  • Each client should clean up after themselves in rest rooms (wipe down sinks, faucets and toilet seats after using) and in common areas (disposing tissues, sanitizing wipes and other trash in the receptacles provided)
  • Trash will be emptied daily
  • Please provide your own sanitizing items and keep these in your workout bags; if you wish, bring your own toilet items as well
  • Adhere to flushing guidelines - toilet tissue only - no wipes, paper towels, or sanitary items should be flushed
  • Bring your own filled water bottles. Avoid leaving single use beverage containers behind. Single use cups and water coolers will be discontinued
  • Due to the prevalence of hoarding, some items such as may be temporarily unavailable for customers to use on personal gear so that we can attend to the gym's needs
    • Many of you have asked how you can help - donating a bottle of sanitizer, disinfecting spray, bleach, toilet paper, paper towels or any unopened cleaning supply will go a long way in keeping the gym clean
    • Volunteering for cleaning days is also appreciated - Saturdays at noon 60-90min - with 4 people - this is an option on the Class Reg Form and on Google Calendar page
  • Place your own towel on chairs and mats before sitting or lying and before to take them with you
  • The ring will be off limits to everyone
  • Immediately inform staff of anything that needs attention


  • For current assigned lockers, please clean out your cubby or locker ASAP
    • ​I will send a separate email in the next few days with those who have gear and may be staying away temporarily
    • We can provide bags for removal purposes but please bring your own bags so we have enough trash bags for the gym
  • Lockers and cubby's in men's and ladies rooms will be unavailable except for during gym times only - spray down before leaving if you need to borrow. Preferred: Provide your own workout bags and keep them clean
  • Personal Boxing Gear left behind as of March 31st will be thrown away


  • NO BORROWING: boxing wraps, mitts, gloves, head gear, body protectors. You must have your own wraps and gloves to take classes. We will work with you on pricing if you have a hardship situation
  • Students will be asked to disinfect the surfaces of their gloves and mitts between rounds (as/if this format exists - currently on hold)
  • Disinfecting of any workout equipment by individual students will be mandatory after touching and using any piece of gym equipment at the end of use/end of session
    • This includes: your own boxing gear, medicine balls, weight gear - dumbbells, bars, weight plates and clips, balance balls, resistance bands, benches, heavy bags, jump ropes and speed bags - everything!


  • New member intake will be suspended until further notice - the new member profile page is no longer on the menu bar and Beginner Boxing has been removed from the schedule as of 3.21.2020 and until further notice
  • Helpful to us is to register for a class in advance so that we can plan trainer needs and class formats accordingly. No current members will be turned away if you forget to register - but you will be turned away if you are late 
  • This is going to be a work in progress moving forward and am looking into different sign up software


  • Credit card payments only and accepted only on the website.  No cash until further notice. Price List: Pay Here

CLASSES AND FORMATS       google calendar

  • Sparring, glove to body or body to body contact will be suspended until further notice
  • CDC is recommending 6ft spacing so mitts and gloves will be limited and/or discontinued until further notice
  • Trainers will be tasked with developing new class formats for safe workouts and to accommodate all levels
  • Boxing Workout will be for ALL CURRENT students - some classes may be cancelled for the short-term as we navigate these ever changing situations
  • Strength & Stretch and Conditioning will be for CURRENT all level students - expect more of this in all classes
  • If you come across a workout that may help the trainers plan creatively while we have to suspend mitt and glove work, send the link to me, as I will be creating a WORKOUTS page as well


  • Thanks for your support.  Your dues payments keep the gym operational and provide for my livelihood
  • We offer a community and a service that is crucial to your mental and physical health and we wish to continue well into the future
  • Any contribution that you can make to keep us up and running financially is greatly appreciated. As a service-based industry, we don't have much to sell that would close the gap of lost dues renewals.
  • I can not offer any refunds, but suspensions of current due dates will be provided upon request.  ARB Subscription customers will be contacted directly.


Be aware that social media reposts and comments may contain very misleading info about our industry. We will update FaceBook and InstaGram as needed

Please limit on comments, questions, suggestions or words of support to the email account: gm@sweetscienceboxing.org