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Boxing Workouts in Portland

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​hi, boxers!  June 11 - June 18, 2019  (update 10:00am) 

FIRST WEEK IN JULY Usually a slow week and we will be closed Thursday, July 4th (all classes).  I am trying to gauge interest for Friday, July 5 and Sat July 6th.  Take a moment to complete the "July Holiday Class Options" survey to help me plan.  Thanks.  

RENEWAL REMINDERS I send out a reminder email approximately 5-7 days prior "friendly reminder, renewal due xx.xx, thanks". Can't remember or missed email?  Send me a text (include your name) and I will give you the due date. 

  • Please renew online prior to attending class, especially if you are coming back after a break.  I am the only one that can take credit cards at the gym, so the online option is much easier and you receive an instant email receipt of the transaction. The price page is mobile friendly, too. 
  • Cash graciously accepted, of course, but you are on the honor system with the team if I am not at the gym. Be proactive and offer payment to the instructor on site if you are paying with cash.

GLOVE SALE  $5 OFF Title (except $25 gloves) $15 OFF RDX (updated on price list)  It's a competitive retail space and I haven't sold any gloves in a while.  I'd like to continue to stock gear, but I can't price match the big A or any other online resources.  Support local businesses!  TEE SALE 10th Anniversary Now $7.  SnowBrawl Now $15 (updated on price list)

HAPPY SPRING > almost SUMMER! Don't neglect your boxing training now that the weather is nice.  It's very pleasant upstairs with all the windows open and the fans (11 right now) going full blast. Even in the summer it remains cooler than outside  - no lie!

BASICS AND SKILLS  Wednesday 6.12 Basics - 1 space left -  Skills - 3-4 spaces left (deadline 3pm Wed)  Saturday 6.15 Basics  &  Skills - Space in both classes (deadlines: Friday 5pm for Basics and Sat 10am for Skills - Danna leading both classes) BOOK HERE ​​ If you book and don't get a confirmation immediately, be patient.  It's a manual process.  If you do not get a confirmation within 12 hours, check in with me - sometimes I think I have responded and I haven't even though I have added you to the list.  I normally send a reminder several hours prior to class to everyone that has registered, so if you find you can't attend, keep us informed (no shows discouraged!) Plan in advance - almost all the Basics and Skills classes have been filling quickly or get close to capacity and I want to be able admit everyone who wishes to participate - day-of booking for Skills deadline is 2-3 hours prior to class start time (if not FULL). 

Your goal is to move into Boxing Workout (Level 3) classes as soon as you are ready.  We will "graduate" you as needed. Boxing Workout classes are 11 x per week, with space in all classes.    

THURSDAY 5:30PM - NEW CLASS - DEFENSE PRACTICE with Darrell.  Get to this class if you wish to learn the finer points of Defense.  Mouth guard required - you can form it at home or at the gym (we have a kettle). For this basic defense-focussed session, format will be modified as needed based on the mix of students on any given night.  Doors open at 5:15, class starts at 5:30 and ends on or before 6:15.  Open gym times can run concurrently, but for safety reasons, there will be no sparring sessions going on independent of the defense class.  Reminder: the Friday night session is still your best option for sparring practice AND open gym. 

FRIDAY PM UPDATE Friday, June 14 - Aaron will be leading the session.  Since we offer so few open gym times, take advantage of the relaxed atmosphere and the rotating staff to work on what ever you wish at your own pace.  This is a great night to practice some defense and sparring skills if you are new to it. Mouth guard and separate sparring waiver required - see me for more info. Note: you do not need to spar to attend the open gym session.  Trainer on hand can give tips - just ask. 

NEXT SPARRING EVENT  "Summer Sweat-er" - 8.31.19 - much more casual, which will incentivize people to start training in the summer.  Details to follow. First timers in the ring, this will be a good place to start. New-to-sparring boxers should start attending Thursday Defense and Friday Sparring to start practicing basics skills leading to safe sparring practice.  Training in earnest should begin after the fourth of July.  See me or any trainer if you have questions about the process.  I have placed a sign up sheet on the front desk to gauge interest. Practice on Thurs @ 5:30 and Friday @ 5:00.

SIGN IN COMPUTER ​Don't forget to sign in first thing upon arriving at the gym and if you are taking the back-to-back sessions on Mon, Tue or Thur, sign in for both!  For 5 class passes, record the attendance date next to your name on that spreadsheet. This is especially important for my vacation.  The sign in is my only way to do follow up when I am not present at the gym. Thanks


USED GEAR For sale in the pro shop - Medicine Balls, Balance Boards, Weight Bars and Dumb bells, priced accordingly.  Since there will be no price for this on the website, Cash please.  

July Holiday Class Options

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