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Don't neglect your boxing training now that the weather is nice.  We've been lucky with low heat index this year.  But sweat is good.  People ebb and flow through the gym, so we'd love to have you back, no matter how long you've been away. Even if you can't commit to a month, you can pay per-class drop-in fees at anytime. We'd rather have you there for one class than not at all!


Super Boxing on Saturday @ 10am is a 90 min session.  However, if you are just starting out and want to come on Saturday morning, you can bow out after 60 minutes if 90 minutes is too much.  This is a great option if you've moved beyond Skills and Saturday is a good workout day for you. Just consult with the trainer when you arrive.  Boxing Workout - 11 classes per week - this is your Boxing goal (and no registration needed with current dues).

Strength & Stretch on Monday @ 5:30pm (60 min) and Conditioning on Tuesday @ 5:30pm (30 min) are the two non-boxing classes open to you as part of your monthly dues.  No registration needed for these classes - please arrive 10-15 min to claim a space and set up your weight and resistance gear. Strength & Stretch has space for 8 students and Conditioning has space for 10 students. See me if you have any questions. 

Friday, 12:30pm Boxing Workout Yikes, participation has dropped off considerably, so if you like this time frame, support this class to keep it on the schedule. Jim, Chris and LG rotate weekly.

BASICS AND SKILLS  Wed 8.21 - Basics: 2 spaces. Skills plenty of space left.   Space in both classes on Sat 8.24.  Skills will start at either 12:30 or 12:45, depending on the participation in Basics.  No surprises - I will keep everyone informed as you register. If you are at the start of your boxing journey, sign up for Basics (1st time) and Skills (Beginner training) to gain confidence and endurance for Boxing Workout (your goal). BOOK HERE

FRIDAY PM UPDATE Friday, Aug 23  - Scott is leading this session.  Since we offer so few open gym times, take advantage of the relaxed atmosphere and the rotating staff to work on what ever you wish at your own pace.  This is a great night to practice some defense and sparring skills if you are new to it. Mouth guard and separate sparring waiver required - see me for more info.

Note: you do not need to spar to attend the open gym session, but you should be self-directed to get the most out of open gym.  Trainer on hand can give tips - just ask. 

THURSDAY 5:30PM Defense Practice with Darrell.  Get to this class if you wish to learn the finer points of Defense.  Mouth guard required - you can form it at home or at the gym (we have a kettle). For this basic defense-focussed session, format will be modified as needed based on the mix of students on any given night.  Doors open at 5:15, class starts at 5:30 and ends on or before 6:15.  

NEXT SPARRING EVENT  Sat October 19th @ 7pm.  It's now on the calendar. Sign up sheet is on the front desk.  Add you name, start practicing on a regular basis.  Pairs will be determine based on the best fit during practice sessions (or as requested by individual boxers).  Ideas for names considered (Fall Brawl is an obvious choice).  Thinking about a round robin format to mix it up a bit. 

Available practice sessions include pre- and post-Boxing Workout classes (with interest and trainer time) and more importantly, Thursday Defense (5:30pm) and Friday Sparring (5pm) for new boxers to get used to the process and practice of being comfortable in the ring with a variety of students.  Boxers who've been in previous events can practice at anytime, as long as we get a get sense of proper pairing leading up to the event.  Practice on Friday nights will be required during the end of September/beginning of October to make sure the "team", both boxers and trainers are ready to rumble (sorry, for the cliche).  New Boxers should sign a sparring waiver and have a mouth guard. See me or any of the trainers to obtain these.  

RENEWAL REMINDERS I send out a reminder email approximately 5-7 days prior "friendly reminder, renewal due xx.xx, thanks". Can't remember or missed email?  Send me a text (include your name) and I will give you the due date. 

  • Please renew online prior to attending class, especially if you are coming back after a break.  I am the only one that can take credit cards at the gym, so the online option is much easier and you receive an instant email receipt of the transaction. The price page is mobile friendly, too. 
  • Cash graciously accepted, of course, but you are on the honor system with the team if I am not at the gym. Be proactive and offer payment to the instructor on site if you are paying with cash.

GEAR IN STOCK I want to continue to stock boxing gloves and mitts, but I need some sales other than hand wraps!  Future of pro-shop TBD.  Thanks.

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