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​​​​​​​​​​​hi, boxers!  Aug 14 - 22, 2018  (update 8/14 @ 11:00am)

BASICS AND SKILLS  Wed 8/15 - 3 slots in BASICS  / 3-6 slots in SKILLS   Sat 8/18 - BASICS & SKILLS - space in both classes 

  • Returning Students for Skills or Skills with Basics repeat - ALWAYS USE THE SKILLS REGISTRATION FORM - priority given to new and returning boxers for both classes
  • To register for a repeat Basics, check the YES box on the Skills form - class limits apply
  • Cut off times:  Wed at 3pm and Sat at 10am - I am either doing other boxing stuff or getting ready for class after those times an may be unable to respond
  • Some BASICS & SKILLS classes fill quickly and will be marked FULL on the reg and calendar entries. If you wait until the day of to register, it may be too late!​
  • GUIDELINES: Basics - 1 or 2 classes.  Skills - 3-5 classes to move into Boxing Workout, which is your goal with 11 classes per week - no registration required!

BOXING SKILLS  (right side for desktop, bottom for mobile)  BASICS - fill out new member registration for first class

COLIN's FINAL CLASS! Check out Colin's Boxing Workout one final time, tomorrow 8/15 @ 6:30am.  I will be there. There is always room in 6:30am Boxing Workout, and yes, that might be a little early for some people. As long as you are wrapped and ready in time for class to start, we are happy to see you there.  Get up early and beat the heat! I will be teaching all 6:30am classes and Friday 12:30pm for now, with subs Danny @ 6:30am and Chris @ 12:30 as needed.

AIR QUALITY  We will do our best to keep the gym comfortable during these poor air quality days, including blowing the fans out instead of in and keeping some fans running all day, even if we aren't there.  Keeping the windows all closed is not really a preferred option when it is both hot and smoky.  Listen to your body - but it's still going to be more comfortable inside than outside. 

BOXING SKILLS TO BOXING WORKOUT TRANSITION  It's my job to "graduate" you to Boxing Workout as soon as I think you are ready.  Skills was designed to help new boxers step up to the next level.  All of the Workout classes have space to accommodate new boxers when they are ready to move from Skills.  Will you struggle a bit the first few times you take Workout? Probably.  And it's OK to struggle, to feel uncomfortable, to be the new boxer in a class.  You are not doing this to compete or become a pro, but to learn something new and fun for fitness and to be part of a community.  Improvement comes with consistency.  ​Our trainers are able to tailor classes based on the overall skill set of the combined attendance. Feel free to ask any trainer for assistance if you are struggling with something. Send me an email or a text if you have any further questions about Boxing Workout transition


LIVE BOXING EVENT:  8/25 at the Jackson Amory (near the airport) Details here >  TICKETS

SEPT SCHEDULING I plan on rotating Danna into Boxing Workout one Sunday per month. If needed, I will add another Basics + Skills session, but day and time options are limited. I've tried Monday mid-day in the past and it was not robust enough to keep it on the schedule. 

SUPER BOXING Very low attendance in 2018 - let's keep this class alive! Super Boxing is a 90 min session designed to increase your endurance in all skills, while adding elements of defense to the workouts.  Light Sparring with interest, but not required.  Once you start learning the defense skills, your overall mitt and glove skills will improve - technique and theory become more clear.  If you come to Super Boxing and find that you can only do 60 min, that's OK, too! Just communicate with the trainer. Saturday schedule of Trainers for this class:  Danny 1st and 3rd / LG 2nd / Darrell 4th 

FALL SPARRING EVENT TBD New boxers should start training now. Interest is on the low side right now.  Aaron can help you on Friday nights (5-7pm) with Defense and ease you into sparring.  You do not need to spar on Friday nights to attend, but you should be self-directed in your own workout during open gym.  

NEW PAYMENT OPTION Now on the price page (with it's own button) > Upgrade from 1st class to one-month within 7 days for $70

STRENGTH & STRETCH Classes have been at/close to capacity for the previous few weeks. I've stocked up on a some heavier weights and bars and have 4 new 12 # medicine balls. If classes continue to be large, I do have a plan to accommodate everyone (sharing is caring), but make sure you arrive 5-10 min early to set up as needed.  

Enjoy your summer but don't forget your training....see you at the gym. Love, LG


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Photo Credit:  Alexis Millet 

Brittany takes a break between Conditioning and Boxing Workout

Date: 8.2.18

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