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Boxing Classes in Portland

​​​hi, boxers!  3.21-3.28.18  (update 3.21 @ 1pm)

  • WED 3.21 & SAT 3.24: 3/17 Basics - 3 slots left with 6 slots available in Skills. Plenty of room in Basics and Skills on Sat 3.24 - Danna will be leading both classes this weekend, with LG as a student.  Next weekend, she will be teaching both classes with LG as an observer. And Sat 4/7, she'll be leading both classes so LG can have a Sat off! Support your new trainer.  The influx of New Boxers has slowed down a bit, so Skills will open back up to regular students to supplement Workout.  You must register in advance and if class is FULL it will be indicated the Calendar and Reg Form. FOR SKILLSBOXING SKILLS   FOR BASICS: TEXT or EMAIL for a Basics refresher - FIRST TIMERS FILL OUT  NEW MEMBER REG

  • Reminder of the ONLINE PAYMENT option for credit cards. It's secure, removes the responsibility from the instructors and to free us up to help you with boxing stuff.  Of course, we still take cash and credit cards at the gym.  If you've been away for a while, please pay in advance or remind the instructor you need to renew. If you are a current member, check your email for "friendly reminder, renewal due..." and make sure you renew on time. Pay for any gear in advance and pick up at the gym. PAY HERE

  • 11th Anniversary  Tuesday 3.13.18  After class, we raised a glass of Pogues Irish Whiskey (thanks, Matty) to commemorate the day.  9 of us went to the Station for beverages and bonhomie!  Thanks to everyone who has supported us over the years.  Fun facts from 2007 > 2018:
    • The gym was purchased from Mark Teachout (I think he started in 2005) as a partnership with up to 5 investors until 2010, when I became sole owner; this has been my full-time job since 2015
    • Dues was $55 per month...with only 5 classes per week, compared to today's 20, with all levels of boxing and non-boxing classes - we offer something for everyone and train new students much more mindfully (remember, boxing is not for everyone!)
    • We experience a healthy, organic year-over-year growth without spending any external $ on marketing or advertising or gimmicks - our students are the best sales force
    • All our staff started as students with a passion for the sport and learning how to run a class. We now have 9 part-timers (4 volunteers) + me...
    • The gym was downstairs in about 700 square feet (in the store front to the left) with one bathroom, one speed bag and 2 heavy bags.  The ring was there, too....
    • Tommy is our longest regular member (we inherited him from the original owner) and Joe T is second, since Fall 2007 - many others have been with us for years, too
    • We moved upstairs in October of 2008 and now enjoy about 1700 square feet of space with 2 speed bags, 6 heavy bags, a plethora of exercise and boxing gear, as well as 2 locker/bath rooms, one shower, storage space and office and retail space
    • You can buy our vintage gear on Cafe Press - I am working on getting the new logo added so that you can purchase other merch, as gym retail space is limited
    • The gym hosted it's first sparring event in Spring 2011.  We've learned much about that process in the last 7 years, for sure, with the last one extremely popular
    • 2018 seems to be on a steady path, so looking to the future and longevity

  • BOXING WORKOUT: Happy to see a bunch of you graduating from Skill into Workout in the last couple of weeks.  You may find it a challenge at first, but, be persistent with these Tips for success:  * Try different trainers and find the classes that best first your needs 2-3 times per week * Arrive 10-15 min early to any class - Boxing Workout classes do not have a book in advance option, but some classes fill fast (max 25) * Supplement Boxing classes with Strength & Stretch or Conditioning (max 10)

  • 4.28.18 - SPARRING EVENT  20+ people have signed up on the list so far. Separate email will be sent to the participants.  Check back here for details once we get closer to the event date. 

  • Speed Bag Platforms - remember to loosen the knobs before raising or lowering the platforms and tighten them before using.  If you do not do this, the product will eventually break.  The one on the north wall has two bolts, the one on the east wall has 4 and these are behind the crank.  There are two signs remind you to do this!!!

  • External March Events:  Local theatre now > 3/25. "And in this corner: Cassius Clay". A 70min play about the making of Muhammed Ali, in which the stage is a boxing ring. http://www.octc.org/cassius-clay/