​​​​​​​​​​​hi, boxers!  Oct 9, - Oct 16, 2018  (update 10.9 @ 10:00am)

PHOTO OF THE WEEK  Submit your suggestion by following the instructions at right - we haven't had a new pic for several weeks!! 

BASICS AND SKILLS  Wednesday 10/10 - Basics 1 slot left.  Skills 6 slots left. Deadline 3pm Wed. Saturday Space in both classes, register today!

  • Returning Students for Skills and/or Skills with Basics repeat (check YES) - Use the SKILLS REG FORM (class limits apply for both).  
  • Some BASICS & SKILLS classes fill quickly and will be marked FULL when that happens.
    • Deadlines: 3pm Wed and 10am Sat - registration received after deadline may not be confirmed due to me teaching a lesson or a class. To register for multiple classes, refresh the browser.
  • GUIDELINES: Boxing Basics: 1 class > Boxing Skills: 3-5 classes  > Boxing Workout: this is your goal (with paid dues, no registration required)

BASICS (1st time) - fill out new boxer registration and you will be redirected to the class reg form to choose your first class. 

WEBSITE UPDATES I have created the New Boxer Reg and Class Reg Form as two separate pages.  This should make the process easier for everyone. No registration required for Workout, Strength & Stretch and Conditioning.  I could purchase a software package that has you sign up for every class, but I prefer not to utilize that technology right now.  

PAYMENT OPTIONS I do prefer that you make all credit card payments online instead of having one of the staff write it down.  This is for your security.  It's safe business practice to not have exposure to any credit card information after the sale. The website payment page is mobile-friendly, so if you forgot to pay at home, please use your smart phone to complete the transaction (class, renewal, gear, etc) while you are at the gym.  Add the website as a short-cut to your home screen for easy access to the payment page, schedule or registration pages. And of course, $$$ cash payments are always welcome.

  • UPDATE:  I will be working on a new payment page, eventually getting rid of PayPal and switching over to the same processing program I use when you pay at the gym.  I just received the coding information on Friday, so it will be this week's project. I will send out a separate gym email when it goes live. 

GLOVES If you are now several months into membership, please consider purchasing your own gloves instead of using the gym gear.  Having your own gloves makes a big difference.  I will be placing an order today for RDX Gloves and adding them to the Title selection. 
We also have sparring only gloves on the wall behind the ring.  You must use these during sparring practice sessions if your own gloves are more suited to mitt and bag work. Sparring only gloves have a different level of padding and wrist protection and put both boxers at an even level, at least gear-wise.  

SPARRING EVENT  Moved to January to give more people a chance to learn defense and sparring and more boxers on the roster. Look for "Snow Brawl" on the schedule for 1.26.19.  Add it to your calendars and keep on training!! It would be great to showcase a full evening of new and experienced boxers in the event. (I'm thinking of the Abominable Snowman as the mascot!). Start practicing now - Aaron is looking forward to teaching you some new skills on Friday night.

NEW TO SPARRING? Friday night 5-7pm is when we practice defense and sparring (in addition to having open gym).  First timers should fill out a sparring waiver and get a mouth guard.  See me or one of the staff if you need either of these items. 

OPEN GYM Any time before or after class can be open gym - we are usually there 30 min prior/post class times (except 6:30am) and can stay later if any one needs some open gym time to focus on their own thing. If there is interest, we may add other open gym times to the schedule, but nothing pending at this time. 

SUPER BOXING Give Super Boxing a try if you have been coming to Boxing Workout for a while and need a new challenge.  

BOXING SKILLS TO BOXING WORKOUT TRANSITION  It's my job to "graduate" you to Boxing Workout as soon as I think you are ready.  Skills was designed to help new boxers step up to the next level.  All of the Workout classes have space to accommodate new boxers when they are ready to move from Skills.  Will you struggle a bit the first few times you take Workout? Probably.  And it's OK to struggle, to feel uncomfortable, to be the new boxer in a class.  You are doing this to learn something new and fun for fitness and to be part of a community.  Improvement comes with consistency.  ​Our trainers are able to tailor classes based on the overall skill set of the combined attendance. Feel free to ask any trainer for assistance if you are struggling with something. Send me an email or a text if you have any further questions about Boxing Workout transition.


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Photo Credit:  Taylor Bailey

No Irony, Only Iron! (Heather)

Date: 9.20.18

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