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Boxing Classes in Portland

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​hi, boxers!  Feb 19 - Feb 26, 2019  (update 2.19 @ noonish)

WEATHER ALERT Please refer to the home page for Weather updates/closures.  6:30am Boxers may text me after 5:30am if you are uncertain about class being on or off.  Who knows if we will

actually get any real snow this year?!

RAIN  Be safe on the front entry tile. It can be slick in extremely wet conditions. During these damp days, please place your wet footwear and outerwear in the lobby or the office and keep it out of the gym area - there is a sign on the glass door with a reminder.

For best results, wear a different pair of shoes to the gym and change into workout only shoes.  It extends the life of your gym shoes and keeps the floors and ring clean. There is a boot brush at the base of the stairs - please use that if your shoes are muddy.


  • The sign-in computer is now located just inside the gym by the glass window (follow the signs) - use the big keyboard and mouse only - I may move it back into the office but I would need to replace the monitor to do so
  • Store personal items on the shelves set up for that purpose or in the locker rooms
  • Free up space for other's gear by moving your boxing gear into the main workout space
  • Since seating is limited, please use the chairs for changing shoes and sitting and not storage
  • The wall hooks are tenuous due to the weak plaster base; light duty only, please - coats, purses, etc ok
  • The are small blue bins on the shelves for your keys, phones, wallets - I encourage you to use those for small items
  • To keep safe and functional workout and locker spaces, no items should be left the floor (unless they are tucked under a chair) - both locker rooms have adequate storage space at the moment
  • Water bottles left behind are now on top of the fridge just under the sign-in computer  /  Water bottles left for more than 3months have been sticker'd for giveaway - see me if you need one

​​ SHOWER USE ETIQUETTE I put up a sign next to the shower with this info

BASICS AND SKILLS  Wednesday 2.20 Basics - 1 space left.  Skills - 9 spaces (deadline 3pm Wed or sooner) Saturday 2.23 Basics - 5 spaces left. Skills - plenty of space available (deadline Sat 10am or sooner) BOOK HERE ​​

Note: if you wait until the last minute to book, you may not get in the class of your choice. Some classes fill up well before deadline.  Wed Basics is limited to 4 and Sat Basics is limited to 8. Skills on both days limited to 16, with the Basics spaces and newer boxers taking priority. That said, if you find you can't attend a session that you have previously booked, please cancel as soon as possible, as we frequently get a wait list. Thanks. 

CONDITIONING  (Tues and Thurs @ 5:30pm) This non-boxing strength & cardio class (open to any level) has a very long life cycle, dating back to 2010.  For the past 6 months or so, both classes have been under-attended, with Thursday more so.  The team will be working on some changes that will affect the Thursday 5:30pm time slot effective Thursday, April 4th. Stay tuned!  Tuesday 5:30 will remain the same. Alexis is expecting her first child and will be leading her last conditioning class on Thursday, March 28. 

MORNING BOXING (Mon, Wed, Fri @ 6:30am) Happy to say we now have a consistent group numbering up to 10 students most mornings.  Studies show that if you exercise in the morning, you will be better and more alert at your job/for the rest of your day. Yes, we start out a little more slowly and less energetic than PM classes, but we get there eventually.  I lead every class except for 1 Friday per month.  Danny will be covering this Friday, Feb 22.

FRIDAY PM UPDATE Friday nights have been small, due to the post-sparring drop off (it happens each time we have an event). Don't neglect this skill set even though we do not have an event on the horizon.  This is a great night to take advantage of open gym and work out on your own or practice some defense and sparring skills if you are new to it.  Jim will be covering this Friday, Feb 22.  Aaron will be in next Friday, March 1. Although the gym is open 5-7pm, if you show up later than 6:15, you may find that everyone else is ready to wrap up.  Trainer-in-charge will use their best judgement for close time, so best to arrive earlier to get the most out of your workout.

SNOWBRAWL 2019 1.26.19 Videos are up on the You-Tube channel and photos have been posted.  Access via the snowbrawl 2019 page here. ​SNOWBRAWL 2019 Ts- I have the following sizes left and would love to sell through them - 2each - Small, Medium and Large and 1each Extra Large - $22.  I also have some 10th Anniversary T's to blow out (since we are almost at our 12th!) - $10 while supplies last


RENEWAL REMINDERS Make sure your dues is up to date prior to attending class, especially if you've been away for a while.  For credit card you must use the online option, as I no longer want the trainers writing down credit card numbers.  The price page is mobile friendly, so you can process the transaction from your phone.  Cash at the gym, of course. Note: I have changed my email "name" from LG / gm@sweetscienceboxing.org to Sweet Science Boxing Gym.  Please make sure this is added to your approved contacts.  This should minimize the emails that go into spam.

BOXING GEAR  Fresh inventory in just for you.  Title Mitts in a variety of styles.  RDX gloves in 12oz (small), 14oz (medium) and 16oz (large/x large). Title gloves in 14oz and 16oz.  Different gloves and styles fit everyone differently, so try before you buy (and make sure your hands are wrapped). If you are still using gym gloves and you've been attending regularly, I strongly suggest you invest in your own gloves.  It makes a noticeable difference in your training.  All gear is on the price list.  That said, I may not carry a style that you like or that fits you - locally, visit Bridge City Fight Shop for gear needs.  They offer our students a small in-store discount, too.  Be careful if you order on-line and never buy gear at the local big box stores - their gear is sub-par. 

GEAR CONSIGNMENT Did you buy some gloves, mitts, headgear or footwear that just weren't right for you?  If so, see me to place it on consignment and get a credit on your account or swap for a like priced item in stock (when it sells). Items should be gently/barely used, in good and functional shape and with no odors.