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At Sweet Science Boxing, our students are our best sales force.  We love our boxers! Find out what boxers of all levels have to say about their experience. Add your own comment using the form below.

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I have been working out here for over a year and my body has completely changed. I fell in love with boxing in college and re-discovered it at when I moved to PDX. Sweet Science Boxing is the perfect workout atmosphere. I am always encouraged and helped when I need it. If anyone is looking for a fun workout, this is it.

-Kristin M

This gym is special. The vibe is great - everyone is down to earth, the instructors are personable and positive, and there's a noticeable lack of knuckleheads. Plus you get to spar! I would recommend it to anyone, beginners & experienced alike.

-Jim M

Sweet Science is a really friendly and supportive boxing gym that will nonetheless kick your ass - then having you coming back for more. The trainers are all really personable and knowledgeable and it is all in all a great way to learn boxing, whether for fitness or with an eye towards sparring in the ring.

-Will S

I had been wanting to try a boxing gym for a while but it always seemed intimidating. Then I found Sweet Science Boxing. From their motivating and friendly staff/students, welcoming vibe and challenging workouts, I get excited when it’s boxing day. I’m still a newbie but Laurie, the staff and students are super encouraging and helpful.. as they say ‘Everyone was a newbie at some point’. Come out and give it a try!


I've got nothing but love for this place!
-Aurora M

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Had our first experience with sweet science boxing today. Laurie gave our 10 year old daughter a one on one session! It went great and marley got the most attention she's gotten out of her regular boxing gym in 3 months of training. Laurie is very nice professional and patient. She is everything you would want out of a instructor. Plan on returning on a regular basis. Happy I found out about this place. My daughter is too.

-Jill & Marley A

I'm a big fan! When I started here, I knew one single thing about boxing: it involves punching. I've had fun learning and getting great physical and mental exercise. I can feel my fitness level and skills improving even just at once or twice a week. The instructors work hard to bring a difficult, fun, variable workout that does not get old or boring. And there is nothing more satisfying than punching stuff!

-Angie G

Boxing is ancient. And it's fabulous exercise. Everyone at the gym is encouraged to push the limits of their fitness and have fun. 

-Jason G

I am so excited about my boxing days every week. I've lost weight and am in the best shape of my life. I have everyone (trainers & other students) to thank for this. Classes are stimulating and I've never had so much fun getting in shape!

-Christina T

I LOVE THIS PLACE! (w/ volume)

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Sweet Science Boxing Gym is great because the coaches and the members take boxing seriously, but without taking themselves too seriously. I had just moved to PDX and hadn't boxed since I was 10 years old, but I felt welcomed, encouraged and challenged as soon as I joined. It provides a great workout and an opportunity to actually get better at something. And last, but not least, there is no better way to the relieve the stresses of work and parenting than hittin' sh#$!

-Scott M

I've been attending since the beginning, starting with the old PCC program. The gym is mesmerizing! (And it gives you self confidence and provides great fitness).

-Dan S

What I love about Sweet Science is the casual atmosphere, the sense of humor, and the intensity of the workouts, I can get my butt kicked or I can go my own pace..there is no judgement.

-Kellyn B

Been training here for over a year. Great classes, talented and patient trainers, affordable and a very welcoming atmosphere.

-Jordan S

This place is great. I work in S America and come back here whenever I am in PDX.

-Brian A

Great Workouts, no matter which class, instructor or day. Highly recommend to anyone that likes to hit things and/or people for sport.

-Casey M