Videos of all 9 matches are up!  Match 1 includes the gym and event intros, with the match starting around minute 4.  The last minute of Match 1, R3 is in the 2nd video.  Matches 7-9 were filmed from a different perspective and a on iPhone. 


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Photo Credits:  Bryan Corn  

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Spring Sparring Bouts - 4.28.18

Photo Credits:  Alison Pate 

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Please credit the photographer if you copy these pictures for your own use!  They did these for free and were gracious enough to edit and create the galleries just for the gym/event.

Additional thanks: Aaron C & Darrell P - corners, Tony S - ring reg, Danny R, Alexis M, Danna N & Jim M - warm up, Dan C - timer and music, Colin T - videos, Jennifer R and Julie M - doors