Laurie Gold  (LG) owner, trainer & much more  

"I started boxing in 1998 when a new program was added at my gym in Tampa, FL and I was instantly a fan of the workout. In 2003, I started leading a fitness boxing class at the local university.  When I relocated to PDX in 2006, my first priority was to find a boxing gym and I joined Sweet Science. In March of 2007, a group of members purchased the gym from the founder and in 2010 I became sole owner.  With my excellent team we've made the gym what you see today. I enjoy teaching boxing skills and drills and seeing progress in the boxers. My goal everyday is to introduce boxing to all levels with an emphasis on FUN and FITNESS.”  

Darrell Pope trainer & class lead, fitness warrior

“I’ve always been a fan of boxing and started boxing with friends in backyards in my senior year of high school. Once I began college, it was only natural for me to gravitate towards the boxing club, where I eventually became president. Throughout the years, I have taken it upon myself to continue learning and perfecting my craft and aiding in the tutelage of those interested in boxing basics and boxing theory.”

Danny Roepke trainer & class lead, yoga enthusiast

"I started training with a coach in the gym at my former employer.  Many of my friends joined me and began training with me.  When the coach dropped out, I took over training my friends.  After a year or so as a student at Sweet Science, I transitioned into a trainer in July 2013. My classes involve practical drills including defense. Plus, I do a lot of core work! I box both regular and southpaw and am adaptable as a workout partner. My dog Sadie is the gym mascot."


Jim McKeon class lead, akido dude

“I started out training in Muay Thai, but was attracted to the “less is more” aspect of Western boxing and eventually switched.  I’m fascinated by defense and counterpunching and love creating drills that bridge the gap between mitt work and sparring. I don’t think there’s really any better total workout than boxing training, and it’s great for your mind (focus/stress management) as well.”

Joe Trasciatti class lead (conditioning only, physics expert

"I have been a member of Sweet Science Boxing since 2007 and find the workouts to be a perfect mixture of cardio, strength and skill set training specific to the sport. As a former swimmer, the two are similar in that all major muscle groups are used during a workout.  As a high school physics teacher, I see the practical applications of the force behind the punches as they relate to the momentum and impulse of collision."​

Aaron Cook class lead, surfer 

Aaron leads our Defense and Sparring sessions on Friday evenings and is an excellent resource for developing and improving your sparring skills - Bio coming soon.

​Danna Nieto and Alexis Millet - Bios coming soon

After 13 years, 5 months and 16 days, Sweet Science Boxing is now closed.  Be well and keep boxing. I encourage anyone who was a member here to be in touch with each other to start a new boxing program and try to carry on the legacy, albeit 2020 style.  Fitness goals are achieved, life lessons are learned and discipline and focus improves with the sport.  After 22 years, I don't know if I will keep doing it, but I am sure I will find a way to incorporate it in my new life when I am ready.  See you later.  Love, LG

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Meet the Trainers

Each of the staff started out as a student at the gym, and through their passion of the sport, became an instructor.

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 L-R: Alexis, Colin, Chris, Jim, Tony, LG, Danny, Danna, Aaron, Darrell (missing, Joe T)

Our trainers have busy lives - all are employed in their chose profession when they are not at the gym. Except LG, this is her full time job.

(Note: Tony is our ring ref during events)