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Boxing Gym and Classes in Portland, OR

the short story...

sweet science boxing is the best place in PDX to learn fitness boxing - all the real boxing skills and technique, but in a non-competitive environment. we are a community of boxers, drawn together by the love of the sport with trainers ready to help you learn fitness boxing skills & drills in co-ed group classes. we provide the skills. you bring the desire.

​​New to Sweet Science Boxing? It's quick and easy to get started on your boxing journey!

1) Complete the new member profile with your personal info >  NEW BOXERS: START HERE

2) Choose your first class based on your skill level (see below) > CLASS REGISTRATION

Sweet Science Boxing provides a training path to get you to the next level, no matter your goals

  • For Novice boxers (new to the sport) 
    • Start with Boxing Basics & Boxing Skills (same day)
  • For Beginner boxers (brief training elsewhere) 
    • Start in Boxing Skills or take Basics to review (recommended) 
  • For Intermediate boxers (recent, regular training elsewhere) 
    • Start in Boxing Workout or take Boxing Skills as a quick review 

​​​​​Take a few minutes to review the website and if you are still unsure where to start, submit contact form below:

why should i box?!

  • boxing is a unique fitness option to big gyms, boot camps or constant cardio (running, etc)
  • ​boxing has a low $$ entry level cost
  • boxing skills & drills maximize strength & endurance through interval training
  • boxing requires focus and improves concentration
  • boxing & hitting stuff is very cathartic - a great stress reducer!
  • boxing improves hand/eye coordination & reaction time
  • boxing components include breathing,  flexibility & efficient body movement
  • boxing builds lean muscle strength via physics -  momentum, energy transfer & collision
  • boxing is for anyone - new or advanced boxers practicing fundamentals in a fun, safe environment

sweet science boxing gym  / 2015b n kilpatrick st  / pdx 97217  / 503.380.2192  / 

try it once. you'll be hooked!

sweet science boxing gym

2015b N Kilpatrick St (upstairs) Portland OR 97217  

phone:  ​503.380.2192  

(text is best or leave a voicemail; include name and inquiry)


Boxing Classes Daily & Private Lessons by Appt