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EFFECTIVE 3.23.20 - per the State of Oregon, Fitness Centers are not allowed to be open at this time. You can help us here > PUNCH FUND

Boxing Gym and Classes in Portland, OR

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As of March 23, 2020, per the state of Oregon, Fitness Centers such as ours are not allowed.  We hope to reopen soon.  Thanks in advance for your continued support.

This website is going to be the best source of current and real-time info.  Please consult it before getting in touch via text, phone or email.  

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​​2015b N Kilpatrick St (upstairs) Portland OR 97217  phone:  ​503.380.2192  

email:  gm@sweetscienceboxing.org

gym hours:  doors open & close 20-30min before & after any class; see schedule on this page / click here > google calendar

private lessons appts:  not available at this time

LG admin hours:  M-F 8am - 8pm /  Sat 9am-1pm / Sun 9am-12pm (remote or in-gym office hours vary)

  • registrations, texts or emails sent outside of these hours will receive a confirmation or response ASAP during admin hours 
  • leave a voicemail if you call - calls without voicemails will receive a text response
  • text or email is the best way to get in touch with us

​​why should i box?!

  • boxing is a unique fitness option to big gyms, boot camps or constant cardio (running, etc)
  • ​boxing has a low $$ entry level cost
  • boxing skills & drills maximize strength & endurance through interval training
  • boxing requires focus and improves concentration
  • boxing & hitting stuff is very cathartic - a great stress reducer!
  • boxing improves hand/eye coordination & reaction time
  • boxing components include breathing,  flexibility & efficient body movement
  • boxing builds lean muscle strength via physics -  momentum, energy transfer & collision
  • boxing is for anyone - new or advanced boxers practicing fundamentals in a fun, safe environment
  • sweet science boxing is the best place in PDX to learn fitness boxing - all the real boxing skills and technique, but in a non-competitive environment. we are a community of boxers, drawn together by the love of the sport with trainers ready to help you learn fitness boxing skills & drills in co-ed group classes. we've been doing this for almost 13 years, and have a team of 8 to teach your something new every time. 
  • we provide the skills. you bring the desire.